Oak River Investments was founded in 2019 to provide investors with access to institutional-quality investment research, selection process and portfolio management solutions.
Oak River maintains a long-term investment horizon, remaining focused on finding best in class investment opportunities within generational "no brainer" growth trends.
Oak River's independent approach and perspective empowers investors with unconstrained exposure to an investment universe that is not influenced by Wall Street's consensus opinion.
Oak River is dedicated to helping investors improve investment results by delivering simple, common sense, equity investing solutions targeting high risk-adjusted returns. 

Investment Approach

Oak River Investments maintains a long-term, common sense approach to investing.

Most investment theses or growths trend be can simplified to a single word or sentence.

For example; Online Dating, Non-cash Payments, Garbage, Robotic Surgery, etc.

The growth story and investment opportunity are clear. 

You do not need a PhD or advanced degree to understand the business model or how the company will grow.

Oak River practices extreme patience, waiting for the market to trade at target buy and sell levels, leading to well defined risk/reward.

We do not chase whatever over-hyped-sexy-momentum story Wall Street is selling this week.

We ignore market noise and take advantage of volatility and opportunities within our Universe.

Investment Selection


Oak River Investments is process driven; following strict self imposed rules and guidelines that propel consistent, logical and transparent decision making.
Our proprietary process for fundamental screening and investment selection has created the investment universe. A prospective company must pass this rigorous fundamental screening and diligence process before it will be added to the list of eligible investments.
When research hits a tipping point, companies usually enter the portfolio as an Acorn, or a "starter position". As conviction builds and the company executes, we allocate additional capital to the now-named Saplings. As the company matures and growth slows, the position becomes an Oak and capital is reallocated to new Acorns and Saplings.
Our portfolio manager is responsible for determining the optional size and role each segment and individual company will play in the portfolio, driven by expectations and considerations for both short and long term fundamental catalysts, momentum, volatility and downside risk.



New York, New York

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