"Today's might oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground"- David Icke

Core Management Principals

  • Quality > Price - The best businesses rarely go on sale and often appear expensive when using short hand valuation metrics

  • Ignore the noise, avoid the crowd - The only thing that matters is volume and price in the short term and growth of cash flow in the long term

  • Concentration is a double edged sword - Give your positions the ability to move the needle, but know when and where to de-risk

  • Embrace fear - Volatility creates opportunity and buy-able weakness, especially in smaller cap / illiquid securities

  • Do nothing - Patience is key, minimize mistakes and behavioral errors, reduce trading costs, defer taxes

  • Be emotionless - Do not fall too in love with any one company, do not let day to day price fluctuations impact decision making


Oak River Investments is a private, independent, provider of equity research and portfolio management solutions. Oak River was founded in 2019 to provide research and investment solutions to institutions and high net worth individuals. At this time, Oak River is not a registered investment adviser and the information provided on this website and associated social media accounts should not be considered investment advice.

Oak River's competitive advantage is multifaceted, in part coming from a dedicated focus to a research and portfolio construction process, as well as a limited investment universe. However, the biggest edge is largely driven by thought leadership which comes from a non-traditional Wall Street background, providing significant differentiation in view, perspective and focus. As as result of the consistent application of the investment processes and adherence to the investment universe, Oak River has developed a reputation as patient, thoughtful and disciplined investors over the last 10 years. 

Oak River invests with a long term outlook, using a common sense approach, focusing on world changing investment trends and themes that are expected to have significant growth with minimal resistance. In general, simple is preferred. Boring is OK. There is no pressure to chase the hot or sexy growth story that Wall Street happens to be pushing this quarter. We have conviction in our ideas, allowing us to ignore the everyday noise and hold for long periods and compound gains. We practice extreme patience, waiting for companies within our universe to offer attractive entries.


We are flexible, helping clients of all sizes by tailoring our solution to fit the need. 

Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in our research and portfolio management services. We do not offer an "off the shelf" product or solution.



Oak River Investments was founded by Commonking aka Kyle in 2019. Kyle remains anonymous to most of the financial world due to his employment status. All opinion and views reflected in this website and research solely reflect those of Kyle and not his current or past. Kyle is happy to share is identity and full employment history for verification and diligence purposes.

Kyle is 31 years old and based in New York City. He eats, breaths, sleeps and dreams investing.

Kyle has a keen eye for the future and an unmatched ability to identify consumer trends and demands early in the growth curve. This strength, combined with a heightened sense and feel for the shifting market emotions and psychology that drives participants decision making, has allowed Kyle to search and find a universe of unique companies, patiently wait to pay the price we want to pay and ultimately, delivered exceptional risk-adjusted investment results.


Since 2009, Kyle has been responsible for the investment research, stock selection and overall management of his families equity investment portfolio, as well as his personal assets. Kyle has provided his investment research and daily market & stock specific commentary through his blog and StockTwits under the handle @commonking where he has nearly 60,000 followers and is broadly viewed as one of the top investors on the platform.

For the last 5 years, Kyle has worked for one of the world's largest consulting firms as a Senior Associate, Investments. He is a key member of a team whose role functions as an Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO). His clients are mainly insurance companies, however he also works with pension plans, endowments, foundations, universities and other institutional asset pools.

Kyle's role is to advise clients on the design, implementation and management of institutional investment programs. This includes investment policy development (outlining the guidelines under which the portfolio will be invested),  strategic and tactical asset allocation (modeling portfolios to build the most efficient based on IPS and investment objectives), manager searches for selection/replacement (manager due diligence across asset classes; core fixed income, alternative credit, high yield, equities, hedge funds and private equity); trading and re-balancing portfolios, etc. Kyle is also responsible for the production of various performance, attribution, compliance and risk reports, as well as the presentation of these materials to boards and committees.

Prior, Kyle spent three years as an Analyst at a private equity fund focused on Secondary transactions. Kyle worked on a small investment team, supporting the partners through each stage of a secondary transaction from deal origination to initial client meetings to data room preparation/maintenance, investment analysis and pricing to offers letters and closing process.

Kyle recently began the Charted Financial Analyst program and is a CFA Level 2 Candidate (registered to sit summer 2020) and was previously a FINRA licensed representative from 2011-2015 (Series 7/63). ​​​​​​​​

Outside of investing, Kyle enjoys Lacrosse, Skeet Shooting, Squash, Tennis, Formula One, NBA, NFL, Fantasy Football, Technology, Poker, Cars, Photography, Travel, Horology, Food, Art, Design, Sneakers, Live Music, Shopping and Reading (but mostly about investing!).​​​​​​​

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