@commonking weekly ideas 6-29

Potential trade opportunities for near term, all good long term...

SQ / MTCH / SE - recent $100 rolls, think all can get to $120 quickly IRTC - yuge weekly hot dogs AAXN - weekly consolidation in wide ranges over $90, below $100 GWPH - weekly hot dogs between 50wma and 200wma TWLO - $280-300 stock, dip to $200 a gift AVLR - all dips likely to be gifts to $200 TTWO - consolidation at top of 2+ year range EVBG - Breakaway from 50dma RMD - ATH close last week, not sure what stops this now ALGN - weird hot dogs on weekly, trying to get out of downtrend WIX / SPOT - no sellers still

ROKU - could get interesting over 130, happens fast

FSLY - +700% from March lows, hot til its not, volume cray

NET - wait for range break below 34 or above 38

PING - add over 34

LVGO- volume shows so no signs of slowing

DDOG / SDGR - pray for ~$10 pullback

YETI - blue skies all summer?

INSP - weekly hot dogs, interesting vs $80/50dma

CRSP - buy any dips to $70-71

NVTA - will trade long against Thursday low

New York, New York

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