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@commonking weekly ideas 7-6

New to List:

ISRG - hotdogging soooo hard on the weekly in ~10% ranges at top of long range.... this is the setup, stock either forming top at old top or bottom at old top.

LYFT - reversal attempt incoming post July 4 weekend, quick upside to ~$40

INMD - similar chat to LYFT, retraced last months breakout, reversal attempt incoming

PINS - top of weekly $20-24 range, look for breakout, nice tailwinds

IIPR - Weekly consolidation, secondary absorbed, big move over $100 coming

GOOS - short term downtrend break has quick 15-20% upside

PGNY - approaching top end of range, could be early momentum

GH / EXAS - both very choppy lately; look for strength, short term downtrends will reverse quickly

TDOC - nothing but blue skies

ZS - still TONS of upside here over ~115, has been consolidating nicely, these big moves to new ranges have not stopped / don't bet against new $100 stocks

SHAK - 50 is the new 30, bottom of new range forming

TRIP - reverses over $20 soon and never trades below that level again

JPM - look for financials to reverse and lead / support any big tech rotation

CRM - breakout has not even begun, could yuge become leader

TWTR - nice bounce off 200wma last week, 10% upside just to get back to downtrend, not my favorite but ppl love to hate

TSCO - extended but underowned and underappreciated, covid-catalysts (see SPOT)

NFLX - feels like massive extension move coming to $600 the longer ~$460 holds

MELI - when was last time a stock hit $1000 and stopped?

From Last Week:

SQ / MTCH / SE - recent $100 rolls, think all can get to $120 quickly

SQ: low ~101, high ~119 (move completed, likely more upside)

MTCH: low ~94, high ~108 (odd week, IAC spin-off completed, still strong)

SE: low ~101, high ~119 (moved completed, likely more upside)

IRTC - yuge weekly hot dogs

IRTC: low ~106, high ~120 (held bottom of range on low volume, stay long)

AAXN - weekly consolidation in wide ranges over $90, below $100

AAXN: low ~92, high ~102 (moved to top end of range, likely to continue)

GWPH - weekly hot dogs between 50wma and 200wma

GWPH - low ~119, high ~129 (inside week, sector setting up well)

TWLO - $280-300 stock, dip to $200 a gift

TWLO: low ~206, high ~237 (breakout, should continue)

AVLR - all dips likely to be gifts to $200

AVLR: low ~129, high ~142 (weekly doji, no weakness yet)

TTWO - consolidation at top of 2+ year range

TTWO: low ~137, high 146 (at top of range, breakout could be just getting started)

EVBG - Breakaway from 50dma

EVBG: low ~133, high ~152 (move completed, expect continuation)

RMD - ATH close last week, not sure what stops this now

RMD: low ~184, high ~194 (breakout continuation, not sure what stops it!)

ALGN - weird hot dogs on weekly, trying to get out of downtrend

ALGN: low ~259, high ~286 (approaching top end of range, will explode higher if it does not fail)

WIX / SPOT - no sellers still

WIX: low ~242, high ~275 (huge continuation move higher, no signs of slowing)

SPOT: low ~254, high 274 (continuation move higher, no signs of slowing)

ROKU - could get interesting over 130, happens fast

ROKU: low ~112, high ~133 (top end of range, on watch for big move higher)

FSLY - +700% from March lows, hot til its not, volume cray

FSLY: low ~76, high 89 (volume still there, decent weekly close, would not exit)

NET - wait for range break below 34 or above 38

NET: low ~33, high ~37 (tested low of range, look for move higher now this week)

PING - add over 34

PING: low ~31, high ~34 (inside week, looking for new leadership)

LVGO- volume shows so no signs of slowing

LVGO: low ~70, high ~76 (inside week, no reason to exit)

DDOG / SDGR - pray for ~$10 pullback

DDOG: low ~80, high ~91 (perfect $10 dip, ATH weekly close, should continue)

YETI - blue skies all summer?

YETI: low ~41, high ~45 (reversal Friday but trend still higher)

INSP - weekly hot dogs, interesting vs $80/50dma

INSP: low ~83, high 90 (bottom of range holding, strong weekly close, should continue)

CRSP - buy any dips to $70-71

CRSP: low ~69, high ~81 (secondary was a gift, ATH weekly close, should continue)

NVTA - will trade long against Thursday low

NVTA: low ~27, high ~33 (strong breakout, expect continuation)

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