@commonking weekly ideas 7-13

I am on vacation next week. This week will be busy at work. I am will not be providing a full update this week. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/227235071)

TTWO - not enough selling pressure to breach 20dma (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/227752018)

AAXN - 50dma, rising trend line test, flushed ~$90 secondary level into support (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/227752205)

IRTC - Still buyers at $110


GWPH - Strong move over $140 should bring new highs, volume is there


ALGN - Strong move through resistance/downtrends


INMD - Huge volume last two days on good numbers, reversal / downtrend break (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/227753694)

EVBG - Pretty simple pullback to support so far


PINS - Bounced at previous resistance / 20dma


ZS - Too strong, not enough sellers to reach the 20dma


ISRG - Top of range, 20wma turning up, $1000 PT


ROKU - Would not short unless you want to cover at $200+


RMD - ATH close, sellers could not bring it to the 20dma


INSP - $100 / ATH, Goldman PT 50% higher than previous street high.. not stopping


GRMN - $100 breakout coming, 50% undervalued


PING - previous resistance acted as support, 50dma/trend line bounce, recent secondary digested well... $50+ stock in this market.


SAM - I am TRULY unsure who is betting against these debt free brands expanding globally... $725 PT yesterday from Evercore, lets make it an even $1000... 15% short interest should help.


TWTR - have we seen peak negative sentiment from the "ad boycott" and now the celeb/bitcoin hack? 20wma turning up, poking head out of downtrend.


STAA - Eyes on $50 level, pun intended.


SPOT - 20dma holding, trend still hot... analysts and growth funds continue to play catch up here... dreams of reloading at $210-200, likely just dreams when you look at that volume! (sorry for tiny candles)


New York, New York

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