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@commonking weekly ideas - 8/3

$NET trying to break over $40 again, earnings Thursday could be catalyst for volume increase and move to $50+, too strong to ignore. (

$CRSP uptrend still looks good, buyers being patient after price got a bit extended but sitting at support. Look for reversal back through 20dma as it starts to roll over. Selling since earnings has been on low volume. Would be nice to see ARK buying again. (

$INMD doji weekly reversal play as 20wma curls up... rising trend line should see this test the top of recent range and longer term downtrend. Highest volume since covid drop three weeks ago on a big reversal off support. (

$EXAS recent consolidation around the ~1Y downtrend as the 20wma curls up and trend reverses. Broke out and failed at $100 the last two weeks but finding support at top of previous range. Volume has been quiet but with almost 10% short interest, would expect covering on a strong move through $100. (

$INSP almost 10% short interest, ~30x sales has many scratching their heads. Thinly traded but continues to move up nicely after it consolidates in a wide ranges. Has failed at $100 the last few weeks but still strong above support. I would feel better buying $92-90 but will be blue skies over $105. (

$NVTA should find strong support at $27-28. I do not think this move is over following the ArcherDX merger. (

$PGNY Late 2019 IPO, 20wma curling up and trying to find footing and resume long term uptrend. Current range resistance ~$28 + downtrend at same level, support ~$25. Need sentiment around white collar employment to remain upbeat through earnings. (

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