@commonking weekly ideas - 8/17

$MITK - Prefer not to mention companies this size... but I have followed this one for YEARS... $MITK 500m MC, ~100m sales, no debt, own the IP to mobile check deposit, 5 yr CAGR 35% for revenue, high gross margins, diversifying into identify verification/AI, <20x earnings, turned down acquisition attempt last year (?), approaching highs of nearly a ten year range.... has never stayed above $10 for long, many reasons to be watching at these levels! (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/236462283)

$BL 25% pullback to 20wma. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237191864)

$RMD ~20% pullback to 20wma. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237191955)

$TDOC ~30% pullback to 20wma. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237192279)

$SPOT ~20% pullback to 10wma. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237192531)

$AVLR ~20% pullback coming into 20wma... daily finding support ~$120, would really like to add $10X.XX.


$DOCU ~20% pullback to 10wma, nice upgrade from RBC this morning -- "Firm's checks and download/usage analysis suggest an upside to revenue and billings for the quarter and the rest of the year". (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237193916)

$ZG pullback to 10dma after strong earnings gap. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237195499)

$SYK looking for signs of direction, sitting on the 20wma, inside week at the moment with weekly ranges getting tighter... congested on daily with 10, 20, 50, 200dma all within a few %. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237196320)

$ADSK support at 10wma, nice daily support at ~230. (Earnings 8/25) (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237196868)

$COST finding buyers at the 10dma, next generation of customers just discovered Costco in the last 6 months. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237197364)

$PINS 10dma has caught up, might take more time for 20d before next liftoff... (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237197995)

$EVBG support held but ranges remain wide, a close over the 20wma and signs of trend reversal would be positive. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237198388)

$NET clean weekly pullback to the 10wma, insatiable demand for calls. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237198722)

$ALGN really unsure how I feel fundamentally at the moment, but I do like the price action. (Earnings 8/21). (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237206565)

$GH desperately trying to shake weak hands with these massive 6-8-10-15% daily range moves from high/low and low/high. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237199455)

$ROKU daily ranges coming in a bit since earnings, shaking back to the 10wma but might need more time -- think many expect too much too fast, despite impressive earnings. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237209593)

$EBAY still under-appreciated, under-owned. Nice pullback to 10wma. $100+ stock.


$ISRG about as much as you can ask for... should see big volume increase and move through $700... I am drunken sailor level bullish still. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237212078)

$ICE really nice volume pickup on the move through $100... just a clean setup in a high quality name, easy one to lean into... Cathie @ ARK buying heavy yesterday. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237213097)

$PING everyone says "expensive" but buyers continue to absorb selling pressure and secondaries.... nice bounce back above 50dma after the earnings drop into support.... would like to see weekly close above 10wma, RSI 50+ and new accumulation highs. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237217225)

$TTWO no reason to bail on this trend... 200 then 300. Making headlines this morning acquiring Playdots. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237214349)

$MITK volume supporting push to ATH. (https://stocktwits.com/commonking/message/237512592)