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Launch of #CK2021

With one month left in 2020, the time has come to announce my "top picks" for the upcoming year.

December 1 - *Announcement* <---- You are here

December 18 - CK2021 sent out for donations made Dec 1-17

December 25-31 - Official Launch

A quick reminder if you are new; each year I privately share my "top picks" and raise money for a different charity. Mid way through the year, the list will be made public on StockTwits. The "top picks" represent long ideas that I believe offer attractive risk/reward over the next year. As always, in the longer term, the Universe is the most accurate reflection of my best thinking. In the short term, there are opportunities to be more tactical. This is NOT a recommendation to wholesale purchase these stocks on January 2 or any other time.

The results from #CK2020 are pictured below through December 17, 2020. The S&P 500 is up 15.6% YTD and an equally weighted buy & hold strategy would have added ~3750 bps of alpha.

Here are Highlights and Commentary from CK2020 and 2020 overall.... as well as a recent breakdown of holdings, performance, attribution, style, etc. as well as a follow up thread from @badabingcapital on how to interpret the analysis with some additional data points.

Now, more importantly...

The 2021 charity is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Last year we raised just over $2000 for the Montefiore Children's Hospital, meeting the goal of $2020. This year the goal will be $2021.

Same as last year, the price of admission will be $40.

or, you can also donate $100 directly to JDRF and email me proof!

In addition to the "top picks" list, I also provide a detailed PDF that covers my rationale and thinking behind each pick. The document will include a info on fundamentals, valuation, charts, etc.

Here were the featured "Top 3" picks from 2020:

1) Teledoc (TDOC)

2) (WIX)

3) Facebook (FB)

Here are the results from CK2019 and CK2018 as well.

If you are interested, payment can be made via: PayPal ( or Venmo (@kingkyle13). Please be sure to provide an email address and your StockTwits user name, if applicable. Please do not send PayPal payments with fees.

I will do some fun promotional raffles/giveaways along the way. Last year I gave away an autographed copy of "The Future For Investors" signed by Jeremy Siegel!

and a LifeTime membership to StockTwits.

If you re-share my CK2021 post on StockTwits, you will be entered into a drawing for a TBD prize. A single re-share is sufficient, not trying to spam anyone!

If you do not think this is for you, that's cool and I take no offense. I understand it isn't for everyone and still look forward to a prosperous 2021 with all my followers and friends.

Thanks for reading. Happy holidays to all.

Please reach out directly with any questions.

- Kyle

aka commonking

As a reminder, this is not investment advice or a recommendation to purchase any securities. Please perform your own due diligence when making financial decisions. Oak River Investments is not responsible for any losses incurred from purchasing securities referenced on any website or social media account.

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