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"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." - Peter Marshall
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One Man's


Investment Themes and trends

One man's trash... ie. garbage

Cash not accepted! ie. non-cash payments

Swipe right. ie. online dating

Useless human. ie. robotic surgery, automation, A/I

Be your own boss. ie. start-your-own-business, side-hustle economy, small business e-commerce

Whats your vice? ie. addiction (Smoking/Vaping/Marijuana, Gambling, Alcohol, Coffee)

Verified Instafamous. ie. social media

Can I get your login? ie. streaming media, entertainment subscriptions

Password123. ie. hacking & digital security

Gamer ie. video games

Modern monopolies. ie. mega-cap technology

Free Shipping. ie. shipping, transportation, logistics

Fat Camp. ie. population & disposable income growth (Diabetes, Sugary Beverages, Snacks, Candy)

Tell me I am Pretty. ie. beauty maintenance 

You can't afford this. ie. luxury retail

Black Friday. ie. frugal consumers

Avocado Toast vs. Buying a house. ie. millennial home ownership

Death of a Salesman. ie. broker-free home and car sales

Pets are equals. ie. pet ownership

Take the red pill. ie. evolving medical treatments and technology

Wanderlust. ie. experiences, travel, entertainment

What's for dinner? ie. casual fast food

Watch my back. ie. police & smart city technology

Smart House 2099. ie. everything smart, networked, tech enabled

You're Fired! ie. workforce management, hiring solutions / finding talent

Work smart, not hard. ie. farming efficiency

Wright Brothers 2050. ie. future of travel (air, land, sea)

WFH. ie. working from home

Don't put me in one of those homes. ie. aging population

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